Holley Thomas Journeyman pipe welder Holley Thomas shares her path to a successful and rewarding career in industrial construction.
simulators   Integrating simulators within a heavy equipment training program provides students the opportunity for a hands-on experience in a safe and cost-effective environment.
Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cornerstone of Craftsmanship: Jan Prakke

JanPrakke   Director of Safety and Training,
Lake Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Jan Prakke is the director of Safety and Training for Lake Mechanical Contractors Inc. He heads up the apprenticeship program and trains field personnel on new techniques and safety standards in the construction industry.
1310-GiveBack   Instructor Chevis Necaise worked for 11 years as a welder, fitter and fabricator before becoming a teacher. While working in the field, he would see many young people entering the workforce that lacked the skills needed to be successful in the industry. Working side-by-side with these aspiring young welders made him realize that he wanted to get involved in training the next generation.
Monday, 11 November 2013

The Shift in American Education

ShiftInEducation   Across the country, legislators and industry leaders are helping Career and Technical Education make a comeback in our public schools.
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