Thursday, May 28, 2015

Submit an Article

To guide you in considering your innovative training and teaching methods, best practices, exciting programs and other current industry topics to submit for potential publication, please refer to the following descriptions of our magazine sections:

Sponsor Spotlight – News briefs about sponsors and schools doing it right. Sponsor Spotlight briefs focus on successful partnerships between industry and education, exciting model programs and new or innovative Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs for construction crafts. Suggested length: 500 words

Inside the Industry – Articles on current events or topics in construction education, craft training or workforce development. Suggested length: 1,500 - 2,000 words

Community Builders – Articles about contractors or other organizations that give back to their local communities through construction-related programs and projects. Suggested length: 1,000 words

Safety Pays – Articles with industry tips on safety practices, programs and standards written by a construction safety professional or NCCER Safety Committee member. Suggested length: 500 - 700 words

Tech Talk – Articles written by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on current events, new policies and/or standards in the industry. Suggested length: 500 - 700 words

Instructor Insight – Articles written by Craft Instructors or Master Trainers on best practices, tips and strategies for training the industry (related to classroom or performance labs). Suggested length: 500 - 700 words

You are not required to be a professional writer to submit an article or idea to us! NCCER's marketing team is happy to assist you in editing or writing your article. We want to work with you!